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Our Kid's Cooking Classes are held right on School Campuses!
Please contact us if you would like to see these programs offered at your child's school.
Lil' Chefs - Designed for children ages 2.5 - 5 years old.
Jr.Chef's - Designed for children ages 6 - 11 years old.

What We Do
Each class teaches basic cooking techniques like:
Safe Food Handling
Food Science

Your child will benefit by gaining:
Social Skills
Communication Skills
Table Manners
Exposure to New Foods

 Why We Do It
Our years of experience cooking for and with children helped us realize that today’s parents could use a practical, comprehensive, easy to schedule cooking class designed with kids in mind. Our goal is to make mealtime fun by providing a wide range of recipes that you will be able to prepare and serve in your own home and that your child will enjoy, enhancing opportunities for family bonding. All of our classes have been kid-test and are ready to “order-up” healthy attitudes toward food.
Each Session is etiher 4 or 8 weeks(Depending on your school's preference). Please contact us for pricing.
Each enrolled child will receive an apron to wear during class .
Recipes for each week will be sent home for you to try out with your child!
To enroll, just fill out the registration form and leave both form and check or money order in the SimpleICIOUS envelope at your child’s school. Registration Forms can also be cound on campus.
Lil' Chefs
Jr. Chefs

SimpleICIOUS reserves the right to cancel any class not meeting enrollment standards (in which case a full refund will be given), to change the recipe, or to substitute an instructor. Missed classes may be reimbursed when 24 hour notice is given
*Months with holidays or school closures will be prorated. 



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