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Cooking Classes for Adults in the San Francisco Bay Area

Wedding and Specialty Cakes, Breads and More!

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SimpleICIOUS goes beyond providing quality catering services. Our company also conducts adult cooking classes in the San Francisco Bay area. We teach you how to whip up flavorful meals and delicious baked goods in the comfort of your home. Our classes include:
  • Three- or Four-Course Meals
  • Cake Decorating
  • Bread Making
  • Brunch
  • Just Desserts

We can customize your event to suit your unique needs. Each class runs 4-5 hours and costs $85-$150 per person. The actual price will depend on the class, menu, and total number of students.

A full cooking class will have a lower per-person rate. In addition, the size of your kitchen will determine the maximum number of students who can participate. We will take care of the shopping and preparation. After we finish all of the cooking, we will serve the prepared food family-style and handle the post-class cleanup.

Contact us today to schedule a time and date for your cooking or custom cake classes. We require a 50% deposit to hold the date. This deposit becomes nonrefundable if the class is canceled with less than 48 hours prior notice. Please note that our preferred payment methods are cash and check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Will the Classes Be Held?

Our cooking classes are held in your home using your existing kitchen equipment.

How Long Do the Classes Last?

Classes last from 3-4 hours, including setup and cleanup.

How Do I Sign Up for a Class?

Call (408) 892-0025 or email us at

Is There a Meal Served at the End of the Class?

Yes, so feel free to relax and savor the meal you prepared.

Does the Class Price Include Food?

Yes, food costs are included in the per-person fee of our cooking classes.

How Do You Handle Food Aversions, Food Allergies, and Dietary Restrictions?

Our menus can be customized based on your specific requirements.

What If I Do Not Have a Lot of Kitchen Equipment?

Once your menu is decided, we will send you a list of the required equipment for your cooking class. We will provide any equipment you do not have. Our classes are designed for you to easily apply what you have learned while spending little or no extra money on equipment. Cutting boards, knives, and other kitchen tools may be needed in multiples to facilitate larger classes. For such situations, we will supply the necessary items.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We prefer cash and check payments for our cooking classes but also accept credit cards.

Can I Purchase a Gift Certificate for a Class?

Yes, we offer gift certificates.

Can You Supply Wine with the Meal at the End of the Class?

SimpleICIOUS is not licensed to sell wine, but we can recommend wine pairings for every course.




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