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There are so many cookies to tempt your palate...
A few of our favorites are listed here; contact us for more!

Our Signature Cookie!!
A delicious blend of oatmeal and chocolate chips
lightly dusted with a Sea Salt finish.
Ginger Fig
Cucidati (Seasonal)
Sour Cream and Lime
Oatmeal Raisin Ginger
Cut Out Sugar Cookies


Whether it's a good old-fashioned tradition or a spectacular specialty, you will fall in love with
cupcakes all over again!
Some of our favorites are listed here, but there are many more to choose from!

Sticky Fig with Brown Sugar Glaze
Top to Bottom Crumb Coffee
Blackberry Ice Cream Cone Cakes with Blackberry Cream Cheese
Mud Cakes
***All of our cake flavors can also be made as cupcakes.***

Custom Cake Classes: Creativity Meets Culinary Artistry

At SimpleICIOUS, we firmly believe that anyone can master the art of cake baking and decorating. We offer custom cake classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Learn the Sweet Art of Personalized Cakes

Who doesn't love a beautifully designed, delicious cake? But what if you could create one yourself? Our custom cake classes bring this dream to life and let you explore your creativity in a new way.

Be Skilled, Be Unique

Under the guidance of our master bakers, you'll learn not only how to bake the perfect cake but also how to decorate it artistically. Create custom designs, replicate your favorite characters, or weave floral fantasies – the power to impress is in your hands.

A Delicious Escape

Joining our sessions is a great way to break free from routine. Think of these custom cake classes as a mouth-watering oasis of relaxation and enjoyment, all while learning a new skill. You never know; it might just spark your baking business.

Bond Over Baking

Are you looking for a fun way to bond with friends or colleagues? Inject an element of sweetness into your gatherings. Our classes provide the perfect opportunity to create beautiful and delicious cakes and enjoy a unique shared experience you will remember.

Your Masterpiece Awaits

It's time to unleash your inner baker. Contact us to join our sessions and take your baking skills to new, delicious heights. We can't wait to welcome you to the exciting custom cake classes in the San Francisco Bay Area of SimpleICIOUS.


Perfect for parties! Cakepops are both delicious and decorative. Choose a basic ball or we can customize them into just about anything you can imagine.

Pies & Other Sweet Treats

Our handmade crusts make our pies deliciously delicate.
Our whipped cream is always freshly homemade.

Gourmet Pumpkin
Lemon Chess
Chocolate Peanutbutter

Pies & Other Sweet Treats

Artisian Luigi Loaf
Buttermilk Biscuits
Corn Bread


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